Monday, April 18, 2011

I appreciate what KBC did for me

Maria models my VR-1
I really like my KBC VR-1 helmet. Very light and comfortable, it was a great purchase from my local bike shop. I never ride without it. A few months ago my left base plate broke, so the visor would tend to fall off if I tried to open it. The bike shop didn't carry replacement plates for that helmet, and although I looked online for a replacement plate, I was unable to find one for that particular helmet. Replacement plates for other helmets ran about ten bucks, so I knew what I could expect to pay when I found one.

So I wrote the company, asking them where I could get a plate. They said I could get one from KBC themselves, and they sent me a set for free. I received the new plates (they sent me one for each side) and now my helmet is as good as new.

Thanks, KBC! I appreciate it very much.

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