Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Appreciate What GSI Did For Me

This is something that happened a little while ago, and I've been meaning to tell you about it. Here goes.

You know I really enjoy coffee. All kinds. I've had French Press coffee before, but didn't have a press to do it myself.

We were at Mast General Store and in their camping section I found Lexan presses by GSI Outdoors. I liked the idea of a shatter-resistant carafe, instead of glass (I've gone through numerous glass espresso carafes). So I bought the press. Works great, good coffee.

Not long after I bought it, I broke the lid. Sigh. I wrote the company, asking whether I could buy a new lid. They wrote back, and said all I had to do was call them, and they'd send me a new lid. So I did, and they did too.

Thanks GSI! I appreciate it.

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